With our solutions, you can get the most out of
your power plants.

We revolutionize power plant operations through advanced technology, delivering exceptional performance, reliability, and safety for a sustainable energy future.


We deliver green and innovative solutions for power plants.

We are a team of industry experts and technology enthusiasts dedicated to revolutionizing power plant operations through advanced monitoring and analysis. Our application provides real-time insights into power plant performance, enabling operators to optimize energy generation and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Rast Technologies

Our Solutions

We have developed innovative approaches for making more
efficient use of renewable energy.

Scada Solutions

We ensure the continuous operation of your power plant by providing the necessary hardware, software, and service solutions for controlling the generation and consumption power lines of renewable power plants.

Monitoring Solutions

All types of power plants can be easily included in the system and monitored continuously with RETGEN, Rast Technology's cloud-based monitoring solution for the monitoring of renewable power plants. Real-time monitoring, instant failure tracking, and reporting are all possible with RETGEN's advanced features. RETGEN not only manages your power plants with minimal manpower, but also ensures that your power plants operate at peak efficiency.

Hardware Solutions

Rast Teknoloji has developed and integrated the hardware products for renewable energy plants with RETGEN and Scada solutions. Your power plants will be better monitored and managed at a lower cost as a result of these products.

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